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* Small fits necks sized 10" - 15"  Small = $12

*Medium fits necks sized 12" - 18" Medium = $14

*Large fits necks sized 16" - 25"  Large = $16

Noodle D. in Rodeo Clown

LaBamba in Mint Chocolate

Trouper in Captain Trouper/Jolly Roger



* Please note that our cats are naked.  They are indoor-only cats.*

Punky Woofster was formed in 2007 as a hobby and stress-reliever from my 9am-5pm "day job" as a lawyer.  Hey, everybody has their own inner-Martha-Stewart, or other D-I-Y crafty personality. 

I wanted to combine my love of dogs, cats, tattoos, and the art of sewing into a product that is functional for everyday use - but that appeals to folks who want a collar for their pet that is something more creative than what's found at commercial pet stores.     

Thanks for stopping by to check us out! - Jenn Wimberly

The Inspiration For it All:  Alex "Noodle D." Wimberly - my 13-year-old Border Collie/Heinz-57-mix.   Here she is swimming in our back yard.  You can see a picture of her tattooed portrait on my back that was done at the 2007 "Marked For Life" Tattoo Convention in Orlando, Florida by Tegan Stadnyck, an artist from LightWave Tattoos in Saugus, MA.


The Factory - Front View

The Factory - Back View

Family Holiday Picture 2005

Is He a Mama's Boy?

Kevin & Tegan




Lawyer Talk:   Please be aware that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep your pet safe at all times.  While we honor the integrity of our products, Punky Woofster will not be held liable for any injury to you or your pet should your pet break free from its collar. 

Please do not contact me for free or other legal advice as it will not be given.  If you live in Florida, contact the Florida Bar's Lawyer Referral Service at: 1-800-342-8011, or go to the Florida Bar's Website for more info: www.flabar.org


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